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Features Benefits
Support for up to four 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processors MP with up to 8MB L3 Cache and Hyper-Threading Technology Performance and scalability for the most demanding server applications.
Sixteen DIMM sockets compatible with ECC DDR2 400 SDRAM Memory capacity and flexibility to support a wide range of server solutions.
Advanced data protection with RAID and memory sparing and mirroring Increased server uptime.
Seven PCI slots: four PCI Express* (hot-plug), one PCI-X 133MHz (hot-plug), two PCI-X 100MHz Minimized data bottlenecks, high bandwidth, excellent scalability.
Support for hot-plug PCI and memory No server downtime required for adding or removing many components.
Two independent Ultra320 SCSI channels High-volume data throughput and configuration flexibility.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet network connections with support for failover and teaming High bandwidth and minimal downtime.
Intel® Server Management Comprehensive system management.

Processor Up to four 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processors MP with up to 8MB L3 Cache, a 667MHz system bus, Hyper-Threading Technology, and Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T)φ.
System Memory
Capacity Support for up to 64 GB in up to 16 DIMM sockets.
Type Registered ECC DDR2 400 SDRAM 72-bit, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMs.
DIMM Sizes 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB.
Memory Voltage 1.8V only.
Reliability Features ECC memory support to correct single-bit errors and detect multiple-bit errors; supports memory RAID, hot-plug memory, memory sparing and mirroring.
Integrated Onboard
Chipset Intel® E8500 Chipset
Intel® Server Network Connections Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections, one Intel® Server Management Ethernet port.
Super I/O Controller National Semiconductor* Super I/O PC87364 controller chip providing all PC-compatible I/O.
Ultra 320 SCSI Controller LSI Logic* LSI53C1030 Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Controller.
Graphics ATI* RADEON* 7000 VGA PCI graphics controller with 1600x1200 maximum resolution, 16 MB of video memory (SDRAM).
PCI Seven total PCI expansion slots: one PCI Express* x8 (hot-plug), three PCI Express x4 (hot-plug), one PCI-X 133MHz (hot-plug), two PCI-X 100MHz (non-hot plug).
USB Five USB 2.0-compatible connectors (two rear, three front access).
Serial Ports One rear DB9 9-pin connector.
Video Port One rear and one front standard VGA-compatible 15-pin connector.
LAN Port Two 10/100/1000Mb RJ-45.
Other One 10/100Mb RJ-45 server management port, external SCSI connector (optional).
Dimensions SR4850HW4 SR6850HW4
Form Factor Rack Rack or Pedestal (via optional configuration kit)
Height 4U, 6.8" (173 mm) 6U, 10.3" (262 mm)
Width 17.6" (447 mm) 17.6" (447 mm)
Depth 27.8" (706 mm 27.8" (706 mm)
Weight (maximum configuration) 90 lbs. (40 kg.) 130 lbs. (60 kg.)
Storage and Cooling SR4850HW4 SR6850HW4
SCSI Channels Two Two
Supported Hard Drives Five hot-swap drives up to 15K RPM, Ultra320 SCSI SCA-type hard-disk drives Ten hot-swap drives up to 15K RPM, Ultra320 SCSI SCA-type hard-disk drives
SCSI Backplane 80-pin SCA-2 connectors, thermal sensors, dual-color LEDs 80-pin SCA-2 connectors, thermal sensors, dual-color LEDs
Additional Drive Bays Two total (one half-height 5.25" empty, one DVD-ROM/CD-ROM filled) Two total (one full- or half-height 5.25" empty, one DVD-ROM/CD-ROM filled)
System Cooling Four fans using a 2+2 (redundant) configuration for cooling all system components Six fans using a 5+1 (redundant) configuration for cooling all system components
Front Panel Buttons
Reset Resets system.
NMI Initiates a non-maskable interrupt.
Power Toggles system power.
Chassis ID Activates the blue chassis ID LED on both the front control panel and on the baseboard at the rear panel of the chassis.
Chassis (blue) Can be turned on via the front control panel or Intel® Server Management; chassis ID LED is visible from the front and rear of the chassis to ease identification when servicing the system in a rack.
Power (green) When lit continuously, indicates the presence of power in the server; LED goes out when power is turned off or the power source is disrupted; a flashing power LED indicates the system is in ACPI sleep mode.
HDD (green) Indicates system hard-drive activity.
LAN 1 (green) Indicates 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet port activity.
LAN 2 (green) Indicates 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet port activity.
System Fault (yellow) Indicates a system-fault condition.
Intel® Server Management
Integrated Management Type Onboard platform instrumentation.
Software Support Intel® Server Manager family of software; upgradable to support HP Unicenter*, Tivoli*, and LANDesk* Management Suite 8.
Intel® Management Module Support Professional Edition, Advanced Edition.
Remote Management Remote access both in-band and out-of-band to system status, logs, configuration data, and utilities without the need for a remote-management card; event filtering and proactive alerting through LAN and mobile devices.
System Monitoring and Autorecovery System health indicators and corrective actions including automated power cycling, OS watchdog timer, and fault-resilient booting.
Server Troubleshooting Continuous health monitoring, text console redirection, and error logs.
Server Maintenance Integrated with Intel® SMaRT Tool Module for Server Platforms SR4850HW4 and SR6850HW4.
Intelligent Platform Management Support Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0.
Fully Validated Operating Systems Microsoft* Windows Server* 2003 Enterprise Edition for 64-bit Extended Systems, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Windows* 2000, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 3.0 (32-bit and EM64T?) and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (32-bit and EM64T).
System BIOS
Type 2Mb Flash EEPROM with AMI* core, supports EFI Framework.
Special Features Plug and Play, ECC/parity support.
Configuration Utilities System Configuration Wizard for system setup of BIOS and server management; Save and Restore System Configuration Utility and initial Intel® Server Management configuration.
Ambient Temperature Operating (system): 10°C to 35°C; non-operating/storage (system): –40°C to +70°C.
Relative Humidity Non-operating: 95%, non-condensing at 25°C to 30°C.
Acoustics Sound pressure: < 55dBA at ambient temperatures < 23°C measured at bystander positions in operating mode; sound power: < 7.0dBA at ambient temperatures < 23°C measured using Dome Method in operating mode.
Electrostatic Discharge Tested to levels up to 15kV air discharge and up to 8kV contact discharge without physical damage per Intel test specification.
Safety and EMC Regulatory Compliance (Class A)
(EMC regulatory compliance is based on configuration as outlined in the Intel® Server Platform SR4850HW4 and Intel® Server Platform SR6850HW4 subassembly guides.)
Country or District Certification Safetyand/or EMC Regulatory Marks Safety and/or EMC
Argentina IRAM IRAM
Australia/New Zealand ACA, MED C-Tick
Belarus Bellis Not applicable
Canada UL / Industry Canada cULus / ICES
Europe European Directives CE
Germany GS GS
International CB Report / CISPR Not applicable
United States UL / FCC cULus / FCC


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